Fullscreen bug

Oct 27, 2009
When I turn full screen off for a while and then return it to full screen there is a problem that lingers. The various area loading pictures (Boochbeard and Gandry doing various things) are supposed to cover the whole screen, but don't. I see the picture, but it is up a little bit as if not on full screen, and I see decking, my feet and a bit of my pet under the picture (matching wherever I happen to be). That is not a bit problem at all, but there is another lingering effect. The distance to quest object seems to also be up a little, possibly putting it into the action part of the screen. The result is that more than half the number is cut off horizontally making it unreadable. At most I can tell if distance is in the thousands or the hundreds by how many bottoms of numbers show. Sometimes I log in and it is fixed but not always. The problem returns when I select back to full screen again.