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Full dungeon error

Nov 01, 2012
i logged out to do something while helping some friends in a dungeon. when i logged back in not to long later. it said dungeon full and it won't let me log in. Just port me back the the life fountain. please explain whats going on!

Hi! In talking with our Lead Programmer, when you log-out, your reservation for that dungeon is removed and anyone can join in your place (through Teleport To Friend). We're assuming that when you left, your group found another player to join. If not, then we'll need to do some more investigation determine if there is an error. Any additional details you could give us might help track down the problem.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jul 16, 2013
Once i logged out and my screen glitched then my mouse looked like the mouse on the game so i couldn't go any where else on my computer. Later it stopped but i don't want it to happen again.