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Freezing bug

Jan 04, 2010
Level of character: 65
Location where the bug occurred: Tower of Moo Manchu
Description of bug: During some of the battles (though the Nefarious 5 is the most common), my game has frozen. The round won't continue and everyone appears frozen in place. I can't communicate with anyone, not even through whispers. The only thing I can do is log out, which boots you out of the gauntlet. I don't think it's an issue with my internet connection, as I've checked my browser when this happens and everything works perfectly. The tower is the only place that this has happened to me.
How often does this bug seem to happen?: I've tried the tower five times so far and this bug occurred three out of those five.
Were you playing solo?: No, I always had two or three other players with me.
Were you the only one to experience this issue?: A player I was running the tower with had this happen, but unlike my experiences, he could communicate with us and his game unfroze after waiting a round.
Can you reproduce this bug?: Yes.