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Fort Elena Bug is Back

Nov 18, 2012
The infestation has returned. Fort Elena is bugged. Again.

I got the quest 'Saving Mustang Sally' from Catbeard. It requires me to 'find entrance at Fort Elena', which upon completion gives me the quest 'Flight of The Penguin'. When I complete 'Flight of The Penguin' (the entire Fort Elena dungeon) my quest is right back to 'Saving Mustang Sally' and the quest arrow directs me to a point in dungeon next to Lieutenant Benedict (is that his name?).

This happened twice, both times I completed it with a friend. Please fix this ASAP. Completing Elena three times in a row is not overly pleasant.

Nikita Devereaux Lvl 50
Nikita Xiriga Lvl 29

Nov 23, 2011
Oh oh... guess what quest my wife and I were about to start...

Nov 23, 2011
Actually, the bug did not bite us. Our team was a swashbuckler and a privateer.