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Follow Through is still Bugged

Jul 09, 2009
Follow Through is still triggering after powers are used and I believe Ratbeard said he had planned to change that if one of the past Test realm updates.

Follow Through was broken before because it was not checking your equipped weapon or ANY of the epic trigger rules that I set up. Now it checks all of the same logic as any other epic.

Otherwise, the rules as specified before apply: If you use a weapon to make the attack, the attack epics may fire.

I'm sorry if my prior reply was too short and caused any confusion.

If Follow Through is activating after you cast a spell (Mournsong or something...) that would be a bug. Let me know.

Dec 19, 2011
Then shouldn't mojo echo still trigger after witch doctor uses a spell?

No, because a spell is not a weapon attack.

If you go down to the powers bar at to choose your attack, then the epic talent is going to check that power and see if it uses your equipped weapon or not.

Any basic attack you make (where you just click the target to make your attack with your weapon) is definitely going to trigger your epic.

Jun 06, 2010
I noticed a slightly different bug with Follow Through.
When I use Follow Through (from Minotaur Axe) in the last round of a fight, the first round of the next fight it does not activate. The same thing happens with Blade Storm, Bonnie's Double Tap and sometimes with First Strike and Riposte. If they were used in the last round of the previous fight, they do not reset for the next fight's first round.

Similarly, if two First Strike (of a Rank 2 First Strike) were used in the last round of one fight, only 1 will activate the first round of the next fight, etc.

This was a bug I've reported (minus Follow Through) from before the new update went to test realm, but it was not fixed. (I did not report it on this forum, it was through the Contact Us tab of the website.)