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Flying Vs Traps

May 10, 2010
Ok, normal musketeer traps are just laying on the ground, no big deal, easily comprehend things flying over it and not setting the trap off and taking damage.

However, the 5 musketeer traps that are in X formation that do 2x damage, they are top and bottom traps!

Logic therefore dictates that they can not only be set off by things touching them on the bottom, but the top or anything disturbing them in between.

Therefore, can you please fix these traps to actually go off when even flying enemies fly through them, or change their looks so that it does not look like they should be going off.


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Excellent point!

I whole heartedly agree with Darth's observation there.

Either what triggers these traps needs to be reconsidered, or their appearance should be changed to match their behavior.

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Jul 26, 2011
That. Is a great point.
Nice observation JT being musketeer I do use those traps a lot and I did assume flying enemies would set them off. I agree their appearance is misleading and something should be changed.
Wow can't believe nobody ever noticed that lol