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Fixed Quest Tracker

May 02, 2009
Sometimes, my quest tracker will be fixed in one sole direction and won't follow the quest, but the numbers do show wheather you're getting close or not. Its really confusing unless you have completed the quest before. Has anyone else experinced this?

May 29, 2011
Yes, Its happening to me right now in miranda. Seriously, its getting annoying. I hope this gets fixed real soon.

Mar 21, 2009
I've experienced this quite a few times and it's been going on for weeks. Though it only mostly happens on my laptop and sometimes on my home computer. Try a different computer if the Quest Helper doesn't work on one.

Loyal Roslyn Dove- Level 14 Swashbuckler

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
I believe that this happened to me on Wizard101 before the problem got fixed. For the most part, the quest tracker problem in Pirate101 has occurred in Cool Ranch. I don't remember if it was switching realms, turning the helper off/on or leaving Cool Ranch and coming back worked. To add on to it, I believe that logging off/back on will do the trick as well.
This problem has been...well, a problem among my friends as well, so on that ratio, it should be fairly common, meaning that the problem should be looked into. For now, I think that using the maps (which don't open in the stormgates, I just learned) will suffice until the quest tracker re-calibrates. Never hurts to keep our eyes open, right?

D.S. Devereaux

(I might also mention that not only does the tracker fix itself in one spot, but I've had it point either ninety or one hundred eighty degrees off target. Talk about frustrating!)