Few Companion Mirror Bugs

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello, just few notices:

When we finish order of Pet Sparring, it seems there is no sound for when chest with parrot icon opens.

Moresco de Valvida victory or success animation in the companion management menu seems to be little weird. When for example he finishes order, he is juggling his fire ball, but those balls seems o be reduced in height and does not fit with Moresco hands. It seems okay in combat though.

Froggo Villa's and Crab Hermit's order reward chests are at bad positions, one is rotated with some angle and another is not in the middle.

Subodai's portrait icons has mismatched colors, what is supposed to be trim color is main color, and vice versa. Considering that only Temujin has inverted colors (as all other Mooshu clone companions). Although his clothing colors are correct with his model, just in the portrait, clothing colors doesn't match him.

That's all, thank you so much for letting me be part of this wonderful game and community. :) ;)