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extra powers

Feb 02, 2013
i have found an extra bomb and shield, and I gained krakens coils and lost rouse, is this a glitch or an update I missed?

Hi! We're aware of the extra Gunnery power, and it will be removed in the next update.

You mention that you may have other extra or missing powers, can you review those and make me a quick list of the exact powers that are incorrect?

Please note these two recent changes from the Update Notes:
  • Privateers will now train Gunnery at 4th level instead of 7th and train Valor's Shield at 7th instead of 4th. Pre-requisite powers have been modified accordingly. (First update in mid-October)
  • Privateers now begin the game with the Gunnery power, and Rouse is now the first trained power for Privateers at Level 4. (Second update that happened on the 30th of October)

To sum up, basically Gunnery moved up 2 places. It was trained at 7th level originally; now Gunnery is your first (free) power, Rouse is trained at 4th level, and Valor's Shield is trained at 7th.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Feb 02, 2013
extras: bomb, I realized that the shield was from my boots silly me, and kraken coils
lost: rouse but when I revisited the commodore I learned it back