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Error 115

Petty Officer
Feb 05, 2013
How do i fix error 115 in pirate101? It won't let me get on the game!

Jul 16, 2014

Found some information about this error in the help files:

It appears that files needed by Pirate101 are being used by other applications. This problem can be resolved by rebooting your computer.

If the problem persists make sure that you are only running one patch client or game client at a time when you try to login.

If you continue to see errors, please reinstall the game client.

To reinstall on your PC computer, you will first need to uninstall Pirate101 from your computer. To uninstall the game you have to go to the following depending on your OS.

Windows XP
Add/Remove programs

Windows 7 or Vista
Programs and Features

There is also an uninstall shortcut located next to the game icon that can be found in the start menu of your computer.

Once you've uninstalled, just login at and click Play in the top left. Download the installer there, and follow the instructions to reinstall the game!

If these steps don't help and you need additional assistance, please send an email to

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*