El Toro raising wrong flag

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Every time my promoted El Toro casts his Esprit de Corps power (+25% each accuracy & dodge), the flag he raises has the winged sandal Agility symbol on it instead of the bulls-eyes for either boost he's actually providing.

It seems to be providing the correct boost, it's (likely) just a graphics bug with the wrong symbol flag in the battle animations. Unless the REALLY LOUD trumpet fanfare is a bug too, I'd thought one of the updates was bringing down the volume on those?

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May 02, 2009
Well, a meaning of Agility (the winged sandal in this case) is "marked by ready ability to move with quick grace" so I believe that the winged sandal is portraying the ability to strike and dodge quickly.

Jan 17, 2012
But that would imply that his buff increases everyone's agility, which it does not. It increases accurate and dodge.