Earth Guardian's helm space gap

Feb 04, 2013
When i used the Earth Guardian's Helmet's power (Stone Bastion), it's supposed to be 15 squares across, it shows up as 15 pillars when you use it BEHIND the spar chamber beams, but when you use it in front or between the beams, there's several pillars missing (gaps) i've tested it several times and all the 15 pillars NEVER show up in the middle of the board, only behind the starting positions, i'd like to know if this is intentional or if it's actually a glitch, and if it's a glitch, please fix this because the power could be very useful in pvp, just not with gaps spread out across the 15 pillars, I'd like to ask of your perspective on this Ratbeard, as it can be quite useful for PvP vs Buccaneers, however with the gaps this is unlikely


Fiery Zane Newell