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Earn Video Crowns Problem

Apr 28, 2012
When there is a problem with an Earn Crowns Video, where should we send the report so it can get corrected?

Jul 16, 2014

You can send an email to or post about it here.

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
First Mate
May 01, 2012
There is an ad for Doc McStuffins (a kid's TV show). At the start of the video it says you can press the Skip Button after the video plays to get your Crowns. My problem is I can't find the Skip Button! I've even tried placing the items in Doc's office. That does not get you the Crowns nor does it generate a Skip Button. I have to press the Close Button to exit and it says I didn't earn the Crowns.

Not sure if I have the latest version of the software needed to run the Earn Crowns Videos. Hopefully, KI is checking to make sure that it is the latest when the Earn Crowns Button is first pressed and it will either tell us that it isn't the latest and what to do about it or automatically download and install it (I prefer the second option).