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Dutchman's Charm Bug

Jan 16, 2010
Something that has me and my farming buddies frustrated of late is the bug with the new Dutchman's Charm drop.

When you defeat the Dutchman solo you obviously only get one charm.
When you defeat the Dutchman with 2 people from what I have seen both get the exact same charm as a drop most of the time.
When you defeat the Dutchman with 3 or 4 people at least one of them will get a different charm than all the others. And most of the time, for that one person it drops the exact opposite of what they were wanting to get.

And to have this happen so often that the one person who gets the odd ball charm that is consistently not what they need is frustrating. Imagine spending hours farming in a group and having all your friends get the right item and you get left out because the game glitched and gave you something different then everyone else. You'd start to think the game had it in for you - lol.

Fix this ASAP please, thanks!