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Dropdown buttons stuck

Oct 27, 2009
The buttons at the top of the screen, menu chat, character, ship, options, friends list etc., are stuck being displayed at the top of my screen on one of my pirates, a musketeer. For the other pirates the buttons appear when I mouse over the top of the screen, and go away when I take the mouse away. Normally when I select one of the buttons, the drop down options appear and stay till I mouse over the anchor at the bottom of that menu. On the stuck one, when I click it, the menu stays until I click the top button again. Mousing over the anchor tab does nothing. I checked in the game play options and settings, I tried changing the mouse related one (both on and off) to see if that would reactivate the feature. It didn't. I've changed areas, shut the game off and rebooted. It would be a small issue, except when I try to display a map, the name of the location I'm in is hidden by the buttons, which is annoying.

In talking with Customer Support, they believe this to be either a video driver issue or something is wrong with your config.xml file.

Their recommendation is to 1- update your video driver if it is old, and 2- navigate to the KingsIsle/Pirate101/Bin folder and delete the config.xml file, reboot your computer, and launch Pirate101 to rebuild the file.

For more help, please contact Customer Support at Feel free to reference this Message Board post when you contact them.


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Mar 10, 2009
Ooh good stuff Jack. This one is another one for the "Keeper" file so I can refer back to it when my computer starts acting wonky. Thank you for the helpful tips. They are worth more that 7 year old carefully aged Yum.