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Doubloons keep getting rearranged.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Well the annoying bug that affected Powers has now decided to move over to affect the Doubloons now instead. What I mean by this is that sometimes my doubloons will appear all over the place on my doubloon management page, regardless of the order that I put them in either.

In my case, I like to have my summoning doubloons out in front, but sometimes when I go to check and manage my doubloons, all of my doubloons are all scattered all over the places in random orders that just make it frustrating and difficult and just down right and flat down annoying to deal with and manage with as well.

Please fix this bug when you can, as I personally am sick and tired of this happening to me constantly as well, so there's that at least. Thank you for your time.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2011
I have had this happen once as well.

I had my doubloon page open and was moving them around when I received a message to port for a quad chest in Aquila.

I did not close the screen before porting and when I opened my doubloon page back up all my doubloons had shifted into a random placement.

*I noted this random placement that they moved into are the doubloons I am seeing in my fights, rather than the way they have been rearranged*

~Clumsy Calamity