Disappearing Puppet Shows

Be Mine Beginner
Nov 18, 2011
When ever I skip a puppet show it is not put into my inventory and I have to contact support to have it put back. I have tested this bug on all my pirates and it works on all of them. I think that you should be able to have a puppet show even if you skip it because it cant be unfair sometimes

please help

-Wicked Antonio Everhart

Jan 06, 2011
Sometimes the puppet shows don't show up straight away. You often have to finish the quest you are on before it is available in the puppet shows menu.
Next time it happens, try playing a bit longer and see if it appears.

Honey Buncher
Apr 26, 2009
Be Mine Beginner
Jun 23, 2013
I had the same problem. Just wait a while and it will show up eventually.

Cute Stuff Commoner
Oct 29, 2012
me four i guess??? i don't have my armanda puppet show

Be Mine Beginner
Nov 18, 2011
Thanks guys

Yo Ho Ho Wicked Antonio Everhart