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Different Loot, Same Boss

Community Leader
Me and my friend were farming Lord Mixcoatl in Temple of Tarloc of Scurvy Dog Hideout and she got a cutlass while I didn't. Also while fighting the Aztecosaurus Mummy at the end of the dungeon, we also got different loot.

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Jan 22, 2013
while at Miranda my friend got captain bloods hat while i got nothing, this is unfair. please turn it back to normal

We're aware of this issue, and we'll have a fix in the next update.

Community Leader
Ratbeard on Jul 14, 2014 wrote:
We're aware of this issue, and we'll have a fix in the next update.
Arrr! Thank ye Ratbeard! Good ta hear! One O my favorite P101 features is all us pirates getting the same loot (ie we get to evenly distribute the loot at the end O the battle). Every pirate should get thar fair share! ;)

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May 30, 2010
Thanks Ratbeard. My husband got something I didn't (or vice-versa) recently, and we just kind of assumed the other's backpack was full. Glad to see this will be fixed, since it's a much more fair system than over in W101.