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Different Loot

Jul 26, 2009
Howdy P101 Team

I had a question are we all receiving different drops now from chests or is it still suppose to be the same loot for all. The day after the new updates came live me and another community member, Swordroll were farming Finn and the other Skull Island bosses for the new Skull Island gear. At first, I thought a third member of our group was mistaken when he said he got a drop I didn't then as we called out what we got after each fight it became apparent we all weren't receiving the same drops after each battle.

We didn't test further to see if this was just happening at Finn but either way after hours of farming it was sort of frustrating when some of us got what we wanted while others were left out of getting what they wanted from an easy farm boss.

Brave Sam Laveer

Hi! Yes, there was a change with the last update, but only to the early part of the game. In essence, the change is so players in the first part of the game are more likely to receive loot that is specifically useful for them and less "trash loot."

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jul 01, 2009
If this is helpful for the first part of the game (eg. very low level areas) that's great. I just hope this won't spread to the rest of the game. One of the things that I really like about this game is the fact that we all get the same drops in a battle. If one person gets the cool drop, we all do. :)

I love how Pirate101 is so different from Wizzy in this, and also how if as long as one person, or companion, is still alive at the end of a battle that it counts for all. Please don't start changing those things that make me love this game. Don't start slowly turning this game into Wizzy. Wizard101 became a tedious rat race for me, and I cannot stand it any more. I love Pirate 101 though, because it is much less tedious, and has solved a lot of the problems that I had with Wizzy. Please continue to keep this game golden. :)