Dialogue Bugs During "With Catlike Tread."

Dec 31, 2012
I encountered these dialogue bugs yesterday during this quest:

1. The Otter ringleader of the kidnappers you fight in the dungeon does not use dialogue that is on the subtitle card. I did not hear exactly what he said, but he did mention something about Fort McMurtry and he definitely doesn't sound Marleybonean.

You may want to cross reference this with any other reports of bugged voices in quests related to Fort McMurtry.

2. In the dialogue section where Bonnie Anne lets you know how she feels about the kidnapping, Sarah Steele is silent during her speaking parts.

Aug 13, 2009
There is a thread here where you can provide information for mismatched dialogue/Voice overs. You can also include pictures to show what you are talking about. :)


Dec 31, 2012
That's at the Pirate 101 wiki page, though. Does KI check those threads for bug reports?

I visit the P101 Wiki often and I love the content, but I'd rather report dialogue bugs someplace where I know that developers will take note and try to fix them.

Either the thread linked to by TigerDeeAmazon or this forum are fine for reporting.


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