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Decimator's Kranos.. not able to be dyed?

Oct 16, 2012
So I decided to look around the Bazaar for some updated gear as my older gear was rather weak and I haven't been having much luck with any good No Auction/No Trade gear lately. A few minutes into searching around and I came across the Decimator's Kranos. The stats displayed were showing me that it was a pretty good investment so I decided to buy it before continuing to search for some other items. Once I was done, I equipped the items and noticed that the Decimator's Kranos wasn't showing up in my team colors (ie. Black and Green) but rather in Black and Orange. However, in my backpack the plume is green.

I'm simply wondering if perhaps this is intentional; I'm going to have to buy another set or this is a bug? I've tried dying the item and that doesn't work for the plume on top (even if I change the selected color for the plume), both of the color change options changes the headband color and nothing else.

If I could get an answer back, that'd be great. c: