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Dark doom room

Petty Officer
Aug 04, 2010
Sometimes when I'm in the game world, some places appear to be very dark (pitch black) like, ancient tunnels, the wreck of the victory, exedra exedra. I'm just lucky my brother can lead me through! But is there any way I fix it

~ Strong Andy ArmStrong, Lv. 60 ~

This sounds like an unusual bug that will require more investigation by our professionals. To help solve this issue, you will want to contact Customer Support and provide them with a couple of files.

Instructions for sending game logs:
Use your email service to add an attachment. Drill down to the Pirate101 Folder then to the Bin Folder and then the Log Folder. Here you select "Captain_XXX.Log" (the highest numbered one or the most recently dated).

If this is too large for your email server to attach or send, then open the game folder, go to the bin folder again and locate the Captain.log. Right click on the log file and select Save as Zip. Then, go back to your email and attach the newly zipped file.

A search for the “captains.log” file from your Window’s Search capability might also help locate the file.

The second file is a dxdiag file:
1. Go to your Start menu.
2. Go to 'Run' (or 'Start Search' if you're running Vista).
3. In this window, type "dxdiag" (without quotes).
4. You may be asked a question about 'WHQL Certification', click No or Cancel if presented with this option.
5. This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. It could take a few minutes to complete, watch for the progress bar in the lower left hand corner or status.
6. When complete, click the Save All Information button.
7. This will bring up a file requester, click 'Save'.
8. You will have saved a file called Dxdiag.txt to your desktop.

Attach those files to an email to Customer Support ( and perhaps they can help with this situation.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Aug 04, 2010