Confetti Dragon Pet

May 29, 2009
I bought all the prepaid cards from last month's festive sale with the exception of the Target Music Box Budgie.

So far they all seem to be on par with getting their first innate talent as what was stated on the prepaid pet page with the exception of the Walmart Confetti Dragon. It got Extra Strength 1 instead of Repel Boarders. I have a picture of the baby pet here right after I trained it up. I am hoping that it will get the desired Repel Boarders sometime in the 30th or 50th level but am disappointed it wasn't at 10th level.

Can someone check this out to see if it's supposed to be standard? Cause I remember OEJ or Ratbeard stating that this would be corrected with the Live update of the Advanced Pets. I can't find the thread because I'm sure it was in the Test Realm section which is not accessible to me at this time.