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Companions always in their 'fighting stance'

Aug 13, 2010
When playing P101, I noticed that many Companions have two different idle poses. One for when they are your 'Follower' (Also when they are in the preview Picture in the Companions Tab and Crown Shop), and one for when they are idle in an ongoing Duel.

With the most recent update, I have noticed that Companions no longer use their Follower pose when they are following you around. Sarah Steele, for example, should have a hand on her hip, but is instead holding both her swords when she follows the player. This is noticeable with other Companions such as:
  • Fin Dorsal and the Cutthroat Pirate
  • Cat Pirate
  • Monkey King
  • Mormo and Uga Buga
  • Goronado
  • Crab Hermit
I kind of liked this feature, and hope it can be restored in a future update. I also reported it as a bug in the Test Realm, though do not know if it was seen.