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Chok Ak'Ab only dropping snacks?

Jun 06, 2010
I fought Chok Ak'Ab in the Pyramid of Fire over and over again both in Test Realm and now in Live and all I seem to get from him is ONE pet snack and nothing else. I reported this using the in-game bug reporting in Test Realm, but nothing has changed. Both of the other bosses have dropped special jewelery and something else consistently, but not the dino. Just pet snacks. Every time. Without fail. One pet snack.

Apr 28, 2012
He does have a Loot Chest, but it does cost Crowns.

Thanks to your post, we took another look at Chok Akab.

Currently it is possible but extremely unlikely for you to get 1 pet snack and nothing else.

But, because of your bad luck, we'll tweak his loot table so that he always drops some decent loot.

...And probably a pet snack, too.