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Cave of Woe - Griefer problems

Sep 28, 2012
Quest for orange phosphorus in Cave of Woe. Entered the cave to find no Griefer! Exited and re-entered to still no Griefer. Ported back to life fountain on Laestrygon. Went back to the cave and Griefer was there at last. During fight the Griefer was attack glitching - no animation for some of his attacks, just doing damage to my crew with them reacting.

Beat him and his little helpers up and collected my orange phosphorus and started to head out. On my way I ran into another pirate...I had soloed this fight by the way. This pirate was not on my friend list and didn't join me when I entered the dungeon. Guessing he was there to fight Griefer as well, but couldn't because I had just beaten him.

Dark Valerian Kidd - Lvl 66 privateer

Mar 23, 2012
Yeah, this is definitely a thing. When I entered the dungeon there was already three other pirates in a battle with the griefer. The annoying part was I then spent the next 5 minutes in a frantic race with the other pirates trying to get some of the phosphorus with the quest arrow leading me on a wild goose chase of its own until I knew what I was actually looking for.

Interesting considering I entered the dungeon as a solo character as well.