cant connect with swashbuckler!

Mar 14, 2014
I cant connect with my buckler I have gotten so far as to the select character menu and from there I cannot connect is there anyway you guys can get me connecting with my swashbuckler again? please message me back I am very concerned that I might lose all of my work that I put into my buckler he is in sevilia right now and I have gone on to lvl 16 I tried about 20 times to connect to the game but it seems that my buckler cannot connect this has actually happened to me in the game as well I go to a place and I wait for the loading menu to pop up but it doesn't seem to work every time I quit my buckler and click play again it says this character is unable to join the game I do it again and its fine this has happened to me quite sometimes now and when I enter the game again I need to go to a new server but this time it doesn't even make it in to the game can you please message me back and see what is going on with my account thank you if you read this.

bloody Brandon chamberlain lvl 15
bloody brandon chamberlain lvl 5

Apr 28, 2012
You need to contact support using either the Help Menu above (the Orange Question Mark) or e-mailing them at They usually respond in about 48 hours.