Cannot talk

Sep 19, 2012
For some reason no reason what so ever, how many times that I turn text chat and open chat, i still cannot talk. I cannot be muted because i never got a email from p101. Please message me back

Mercliss Matthew Silver (LVL 17 Muskeeter Pirate


Dec 15, 2012
This happens to me some times. I try to use text chat and the window wont open. I can whisper using text chat, but not normal text chat. I just go to pirate selection and re-choose my character.


Hi! We aren't seeing any indication that your account is muted. Perhaps the issue is simply some other user interface difficulty? Possible issues that come to mind would be a hidden chat window, accidentally ignoring yourself through the friend's list, or perhaps not knowing you need to press enter once to bring up the window and press enter a second time to begin typing.

1- Are you seeing a chat window?
2- When you open your friends list and review the names of ignored players, is your own name on the list?

Any additional information you could give us could help identify the root of the problem. Thanks!

Hope to get you chatting with your friends soon!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*