Cannot ring the gong

Sep 19, 2012
Hi I am having trouble ringing the gong in the paths of penance, icy dock for the quest bushi brothers. I cannot activate it with the X-key. I have tried to log out and onto a different pirate, and I have not had a problem hitting the X-key for them. I tried logging off and logging back on but I still cannot activate it. I tried to activate my bank in my dorm room and did not have a problem with that. It just seems to be this one spot on the one pirate. I have not had a problem ringing the gong with any of my other pirates so far. Oh and this is in the live realm not the test realm, just in case you were wondering.... Thanx

Quirky Quinn Quickly
Buccaneer level 50

Hello and thanks for your report! We'll take a look at it.

I've alerted Customer Support to your issue. They will be in contact with you soon.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*