Buying Unlocked Ship Parts for Wrong Ship

Apr 28, 2012
I was in Puerto Mico (Tradewinds Skyway - Skull Island) talking to Juan de La Cosa, the Ship Vendor. I was on my Pirate Skiff and, using the Ship Vendor Purchase interface, I switched ships to my Monquistador Skiff which I had just acquired (the hand on that ship was Blue before I purchased anything. The interface was supposed to reflect what I could and could not buy for my Monquistaor Skiff but, sadly (because I spent some gold before I realized the problem), that was not the case. After the switch in ships using the interface, it showed that I could purchase Light Armor, Long Guns, Barnacled Rudder, and Jibbed Mainsails for my Monquistador Skiff and that should not be the case. If I approach him with my Monquistador Skiff as my chosen ship, everything is fine. If I approach him with my Pirate Skiff as my chosen ship and use the Ship Vendor Purchase interface to change ships, the choices still reflect what I could purchase for my Pirate Skiff. Apparently, Juan de La Cosa does not recognize the change in Ships.

This is also a bug that we've noticed as well. We have this scheduled to be fixed with the next major update to the game.


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hmmm, hasnt it been this way all along?

I could have sworn I have bought ship equipment for ships I intended on getting in the future (that I didnt have yet and obviously could not equip).. hmmm

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