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Bugs in Valencia 2

Feb 11, 2010
Here are some bugs I've found that made it into the live realm:

-Still numerous spelling and text errors.

-The portrait for the attack of the Painted Skull of Ice does not show on cooldown or when out of range (the grey icon).

-The Overseer's portrait incorrectly shows the previous tier portrait instead of the new one.

-When exiting the Grand Design dungeon in any way without finishing Kane off it tells you to talk to Avery anyway.

-Contessa has no block animation.

-When the Royal Guard attacks you or your companions it incorrectly plays the regular hit sound then the minor hit sound.

-When a crab attacks with its critical animation Contessa briefly does her cower animation after the attack.

-This isn't necessarily a bug, but the mobs drop so much it overflows my backpack AND bank. As soon as I was done with the last battle of the Clock Works I found all I had gotten was destroyed.

-Black Angus has no minor hit animation.

-The Quest Helper is a little haywire in the Clock Works, as it incorrectly pointed me in the wrong direction.

Mar 23, 2012
I'd like to add to this list the amount of lag in the El Dorado II puppet show almost renders it unviewable. At first I thought that the computer was slow, so I watched a different show, it went fine. Then I thought it corrupted during the download, so I deleted the data files and let the game redownload itself. As this happened I tried to watch it on YouTube (the internet if that word is deleted by moderators as advertisement or spam or whatever) and all the videos had the same thing going on.