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Bugs and the "safe" windlanes

Nov 23, 2011
Just finished reporting a new (for me) bug to the kindly bugs-be-gone people (very helpful chaps and chapettes in my experience, btw). Don't need to go into the details here, but it did raise an issue I have been meaning to report/complain about/comment on: how the "safe" skylanes absolutely are not safe. Now, when Boochebeard claims that you are safe from harm in the windlanes, it may be that he is LYING TO YOU and and you are not completely safe - in which case, what I am about to complain about is not a bug, just a really annoying part of the game design. But on numerous occasions where I have had a game crash (loss of connection, gremlins start playing with my 'puter, or as in this most recent case I discover a new bug and lock up), by the time I reload the game my ship, parked or sailing in a SAFE windlane, has been sunk, three of my crew are in hospital, and I am standing by a life fountain with one hit point.

A month or so back Vadima commented about how few people had completed the game without ever losing a fight, and I had to laugh, bitterly - I probably don't have a pirate who hasn't been "defeated" at least once as a consequence of a game or computer crash. It has happened twice this week alone (tonight as the result of the game locking up after a bug, the other because my computer is feeling snarky at the moment and is rebooting itself randomly every so often).

As far as Silver Roslyn is concerned, she is still undefeated. So there.


Mar 24, 2013
That happened to me also, while fighting the Amber Horde in Moo Shu. I never had a computer crash before, it happened when I was in a board side battle. To make it worse the ships there spawn like crazy, I'm so sick of having to deal with two ships almost toward the half way point. That was a hassle back then, now the spawning bug came back to me. I wrote a report to customer service, about it late last night.