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Buccaneer's Den housing item errors

Feb 23, 2013
After finally getting the buccaneer's den to let me port to it, I started decorating it and had some problems.
When I tried putting down the blue rectangular rug w/ the gold trim, it placed it but wouldn't let me click on it to turn or move it around.
Then when I tried turning around my Gunn's treasure, the game stopped responding and crashed.
Also, i'd like to be able to decorate the staircases, hallways, and get rid of the ugly pillars on the base floor.

If you could please help with this, I'd appreciate it.

Oct 27, 2009
I had a worn red rug glue itself to a rug I got in Cool Ranch and now I can't pick up or move either of them. Odd things happen with furniture sometimes. It it continues to be a problem, report it and K I can work on fixing it. Sometimes the glitches with furniture can turn out to be a plus letting you float items and build structures you can walk on. It seems there might be an issue with rugs. Gunn's Treasure crashing the game is not right . Check out how to contact Support under the "help" question mark. Details about which item was used, where, and how help them to fix it faster.
I too would like to be able to hang things in the stairwells and place things in the halls. I could hope they might allow that. I really don't see them letting us knock down walls or pillars though. I think the best you can do is find furniture that lets you hide the pillars you don't like, maybe a statue or a tree.

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This wont necessarily solve the problems, but may help work around them some.

If you have an object you need to pick up, but cannot, you can go into your attic, and find it on the housing tab to move it to your backpack.

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