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Boochbeard and Gandry! Where are you?

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello, I think this is the most bugging thing that happened to me. Back in the days in the Advanced Test Realm every time I log in for the first time in the day, Boochbeard and Gandry no longer visits me to remind me where last I left off. When updates came to Live Realms, Boochbeard and Gandry seemed to abandon me and never greeted me again in any day and didn't remind me any main line quest I have to finish... :(

Lets go to the details. Back in not updated Live Realm I had a quest to go to Mooshu and meet Zhu Ro and get whereabouts about Egg Foo Yung. This is the first quest that points you to cross Mooshu zone. I saved this quest and patiently waited for the Advanced Updates to come, because I wanted start Mooshu when game is updated. Since update, Boochbeard and Gandry does not visit me anymore and I have finished some main line quest already.

So is this bug or this feature was removed? I have asked some of the pirates that I met, and they told me they do not have this problem.

Boochbeard, please return! :) ;)