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Bonnie Anne's 3rd Promotion Problem

Jun 26, 2014
Hey Message Boards! I would like to report a problem with my Bonnie Anne. Her 3rd Promotion is at level 57 and when she reached that level, the usual promotion intro didn't show up. I was confused and thought it was because Ratbeard's promotion was still up. So I decided to clear that quest out of the way and level up Bonnie Anne one more time to level 58. When that happened, she still wasn't ready for a promotion. Help?

Felix, lvl 59 Witchdoctor

Hi! You'll need to gain the Gracie Conrad companion (she's along the main story line in Marleybone) before you can receive Bonnie Anne's promotion regardless of Bonnie Anne's level (since Gracie has a speaking part in the quest).

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*