Bonnie Anne Unpromotable.

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
So i've held of promoting bonnie anne to fox sniper til i finished mooshu. I'm currently on Sato and i failed, so i decided to promote her. When i have to go to catbeard in the catspaw, he is not there. I know, it's because he's in jail in Marleybone. Does this mean that i can't promote her until i free catbeard and finish marleybone? And i know catbeard joins our crew, and doesn't go to the catspaw again, will i never be able to promote bonnie anne?

Merciless Cass Spencer, 50.

Hi! Unfortunately, Catbeard will be unavailable to assist you until you've finished the quest, "The Verdict." After that point, he will be able to help you with Bonnie Anne's promotion at any time.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*