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Bonnie Anne Promotion?

Dec 23, 2012
  • Level of your character: I have a Level 58 Buc
  • Location where the bug occurred: Marleybone
  • Quest Name (if applicable): Promoting Bonnie Anne to Highlander
  • Companion Name and Tier of Promotion (if applicable): Promoting Bonnie Anne to Highlander
  • Description of the bug: Quest not given upon Bonnie Anne's Promotion to Level 58
  • How often does this bug seem to happen? (Once/Sometimes/Often/Every time)
  • Were you playing Solo? (Y/N) Yes
  • If you were in a group or playing with others, how many? NA
  • Were you the only one to experience this issue? Yes
  • Can you reproduce this bug? It's a ongoing issue.

  • I am not 100% sure I am posting in the correct forum, as I have only used forums for informational purposes and have always been able to resolve issues by reading past posts. I have read through as much of the forum as I can on this subject and cannot resolve this issue. I have a 58 Buc and have promoted Bonnie Anne to 58 as well so that I can promote her to a Highlander to continue my questline. I did not get the option to promote her. As I stated above, I have looked through the forums, and the information that I have is that she get promoted at level 57 or 58. At this point I am just going to keep playing and hope that it happens sooner or later. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You