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Being stuck

May 18, 2011
Sometimes I will be just moving forward and I will get stuck at a random place. In this random place, I cannot actually move, I can only run in place. I don't know what is but please fix it, it makes it annoying when you have to go all the way back to your previous life fountain.

Places I have seen it in:
Troggy High Chief Cave
Stairs going up to Nancy McGill
Bridge in between the transportalater in Cooper's Roost and the rest of Cooper's Roost
Stairs in Jonah Town docks

Two-Faced Griffin Yellow fish: level 65
Ambitious Jacob Eastwick: level 54
Merciless Marcus Mizzen: level 25
Two-Faced Luke: level 22
Davy Jones: level 12

Apr 28, 2012
Make sure your computer's Video Drivers are up to date. After that, I would contact support using the Help Menu above (the Orange Question Mark) or e-mailing at It can take up to 48 hours for them to respond, so be patient.