Battle grid delay

Mar 29, 2009
I've had the worst issue pop up on one of my PCs I play Pirates on. When in ground combat, the battle grid will delay for roughly 2-15 secs. The battle countdown is still progressing making this very frustrating to resolve. I've had it happen a few times where it burned the entire timer without allowing me to set moves. Huge disadvantage here. I've looked around for an install check or something of that nature, found nothing. Even tried Googling around and came up empty handed.
Anyone else having this happen? Only thing I can think of to remedy the issue is to completely uninstall, delete the install directory, and reinstall clean.

Hi! Can you supply us with some more information?

  • Level of your character:
  • Location where the bug occurred:
  • Quest Name (if applicable):
  • Companion Name and Tier of Promotion (if applicable):
  • How often does this bug seem to happen? (Once/Sometimes/Often/Every time)
  • Were you playing Solo? (Y/N)
  • If you were in a group or playing with others, how many?
  • Were you the only one to experience this issue?
  • Can you reproduce this bug?

You mention it occurs only with "one of my PCs." If it is isolated to that PC, can you supply us with a dxdiag file? Feel free to send it to if you are able to.

1. Go to your Start menu.
2. Go to 'Run' (or 'Start Search' if you're running Vista).
3. In this window, type "dxdiag" (without quotes).
4. You may be asked a question about 'WHQL Certification', click No or Cancel if presented with this option.
5. This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. It could take a few minutes to complete, watch for the progress bar in the lower left hand corner or status.
6. When complete, click the Save All Information button.
7. This will bring up a file requester, click 'Save'.
8. You will have saved a file called Dxdiag.txt to your desktop.

9. Attach this to an email and send to

Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Mar 29, 2009
I sincerely apologize for not replying sooner. I ended up uninstalling the game completely, deleting the install directory, and doing a fresh install. Haven't had the problem since.

I can supply a few details per the questions.
Happened only when solo in every zone possible. More often in Cool Ranch.
It was only on one computer, so why I took the reinstall route.
The system I was having issues on was also getting pretty full on HDD space. I also took that into consideration.This system is also my main gaming computer.
Pentium i7 3200
16gig RAM
nVidia 650 Ti
2 TB Hdd
BluRay Optical drive.

Since it was a set location, the only remaining option was to do a fresh install. I'll repost if it happens again on this system and I'll make sure I get the DXDiag report posted.

All thanks and appreciation for your time.