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battle ending before it should

Feb 13, 2009
okay so i was in the presidio helping some one and the treasure chets just appear and our charecters keep battling and there is 1 or 2 guys left why is this some glitch or something?

Noble Scarlet Alcott

Aug 13, 2009
This happened to me a couple of times in AQ when I was on the quest to fight the Ophidian Flame Dancerts in Illios & then go to the temple to fight some more for the altar cloth.


Nov 07, 2012
something like this happend to me. I was in a battle and before it ended notifacations popped up and said I finished 2 goals before I was at that part. It took the fun out of that dungeon since I was playing with 3 others on different skill levels and levels (some of them were re doing it for fun). This happend all throughout the dungeon but it never happend again.

Little Nessa Lanyard Level 47

That did happen to me once though (treasure chests popping up before they should)

Nov 05, 2012
I think this only happens because the game may be behind time or is just behind schedule. Sometimes, it could be your internet trying to work. I have experienced this before too