Battle bug

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
I've experienced a battle bug. Every now and then there is a pause when the chracters attack. Like if my bonnie Anne attacked someone, when she was done with the attack there would be a pause. Details:
  • Level of your character:61
  • Location where the bug occurred:Ancient Tunnels
  • Quest Name (if applicable): None. Just helping others.
  • Companion Name and Tier of Promotion (if applicable): None
  • Description of the bug:See above
  • How often does this bug seem to happen? (Once/Sometimes/Often/Every time)I am not sure
  • Were you playing Solo? (Y/N) No
  • If you were in a group or playing with others, how many? There were 3 people in the battle including me.
  • Were you the only one to experience this issue? I am not sure.
  • Can you reproduce this bug? I am not sure

Jun 02, 2013
Yes this happens from skull island to aquila whether you were using hawkules or kan po it is very annoying and happens when multiple pirates are in a fight this would be there highlight if they fix this in the next update