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Baron Samedi's Masque Causes Game to Freeze

Nov 14, 2011
After trying the 2nd chance chest several times I got the Baron Samedi's Masque twice. After putting it on and proceeding to the last 2 levels of the tower, my game kept freezing up. It would run smoothly each time I minimize and maximize the window only to freeze again. I had zero chance of choosing my companions placements and picking an enemy to attack. My poor team mates had to battle alone without me. It even asked if I want to stay in combat which I replied yes but still wasn't given an option to attack. I was pretty useless the last 2 floors. The freezing didn't stopped even after the 9th floor when I took it off before battling Moo Manchu on the last floor.

It only stopped when I got the Masque stored in my bank. It also most certainly didn't capture any defeated souls.