Baar Promotion glitch (maybe)

Nov 23, 2011
When my Baar hit level 25, I was informed he was ready for a promotion. Woohoo! So off we went to the closest tavern, tromping down into the basement. I was asked to pay 2,500 gold for the promotion, which I gladly paid. He did the little morphing thing where his outfit changed and he applied face paint - so clearly he was promoted. But when I went to companion management, I was not able to assign him a new Epic ability. I have never seen a promotion before that did not come with at least one new Epic slot where I could choose an epic.

Was there a glitch? Or at 25 is he assigned an epic and that's it (I cannot reverse and double-check, but I do not see an obvious new epic ability)?


I assume that you owned this Baar before the last update, and assigned all his talent slots, and then started playing again post-update.

Because of the rebalance of epic talent slots, it's possible (probable, actually) that you've already assigned more talents on Baar than he would be allotted under the new rules.

Don't respec! If you respec, your talent slots will reset to the lower amount.

Nov 23, 2011
Thanks for the response. I am not 100% sure, but I think he actually came post-update. Certainly he is a very recent acquisition for me.

Here is what he has at level 25:
Weasel wardance x 1
Summon Ruhr
Summon Shrawk
Turn the Tide 2
Relentless 2
Blade Storm 1
Vengeance Strike 1

If that is the correct number of epics, then I am likely misremembering and and he did come just before the update.