Assassin's Shroud not working on Eagle Shades

Nov 07, 2012
Hi, I've recently been farming bosses in Aquila and I've noticed that when I use the Assassin's Shroud on Eagle Shades they still manage to heal. The poison effects still work just not the curse effect. This happens with all eagle shades from the Labyrinth to General Cadmus's cave. This doesn't make the fight impossible or anything it just makes the battle much longer than it would. I'm alone when I fight I come across eagle shades so I don't know if having a friend or two would fix this. This has happened to me before when I was originally questing through Aquila I just never said anything because I thought someone else would have this same problem and you would fix the entire thing then but I haven't come across anyone with this issue. Thank you in advance.
Smart Jeremy Nightingale Level 65 Swashbuckler