Area problem and loading

Petty Officer
Dec 13, 2009
I have been having problems with the different areas and going between them. I made a new character and when I got to "Find hidden entrance in skull cave" I went over to the waterfall and the vines weren't there and Bonnie Anne's dialogue didn't start. I was also unable to leave that area. Logging on and back off seemed to fix it at first but when I went into the next area, there was not a crockagator or cutthroat to be seen. I went through the entire area and there wasn't one enemy. At the part that you can't pass before lowering the water, I was able to go straight down through the water and to the door (which didn't work) and, although this has been happening everywhere, when I enter a new area the loading doesn't start for a long time and when it does, it seems to take MUCH longer than it used to. And finally, twice in that same day, the loading would not finish, I left it on for an hour and when I came back it wasn't loaded. I had to CTRL+ALT+DELETE it and closed it through the task manager.