Aquilan Dungeon Warnings

Jul 10, 2012
So, I'm a level 59 Musketeer in Aquila, and I've noticed that some of the dungeons that should have warnings don't, for example the one where you have to find Pandion (I think the quest is called Vulture Culture) and the quest "Lyre, Lyre" where you have to get the Harp of Apollo from that Ettin boss ... They both took me about half an hour, but there weren't any warnings ... I was wondering if this is a glitch.
Practical Ulysses Edmundson

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I wasn't the only one who went through many of Aquila's dungeons that have missing entry warnings. Some of them didn't even tell that they took 15 minutes or more to finish, so, I'm sure there's some missing 15 minute or above dungeon entry warnings in Aquila. One-Eyed Jack should've been notified about that earlier and instantly, you know, though I'm sure he already knows about that. I also had that experienced when I went through the main story dungeon in Laestrygon where the Trolls are holding Ulysses' troops as hostages in Cave of Lamos' instance quest, "Laestrygon and On". Took me about an hour or so to finish, and it was tough. I think that is one of the dungeons that have no entry warnings.