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A glitch with Baron Samedi's Masque?

Aug 09, 2013
Hello team! I recently receive the Baron Samedi's masque as a drop from the Nefarious 5 in the tower of Moo Manchu. From my knowledge, upon defeating an enemy with your pirate, you spawn an additional undead minion to assist you in battle, but thats only if a pirate is wearing the mask. So I decided to test this mask out by going to fight those good ol' Troggy's in Skull Mountain. In my concern, I never did spawn a single minion after killing one Troggy, I didn't spawn a single minion like it is suppose to do. Please look into this. Also the item that gives you the Soul Shroud isn't working either. Please look into both of these items. Thanks again!

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
It's only supposed to work if you have a Staffy weapon equipped as well, but right now there seems to be a bug with it that's causing it to fail regardless of the weapon choice you have, so here's hoping that that bug gets fixed soon enough here aswell.