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A few more odds and ends

Petty Officer
Sep 18, 2009
When starting Old Scratch's level 35 promotional quest, to Undead Houngan I believe, Madame Vadima says got to Avernus to collect Doom Stones. However, her text says Doom Shards.

Quest Arrow: If you have a quest in Tumbleweed Skyway and are in Big Sky skyway, the quest arrow will always lead you the long way around, even though Tumbleweed skyway is directly connected to Big Sky.

Place Names changing:
When doing the quest for Dan Duck to find the gold, you are sent to Solitude in Tumbleweed to look for Echo Cave. The quest says Echo Cave. After you defeat the crab, the text above th quest arrow says Wagon Train Cave. When the quest is completed, it again calls it Echo Cave. It is only one small cave.

Quest incompletion glitches:
The quest for Dan Drake to get the gold from Echo Cave. I walked towards the gold upon entering the cave. I defeated Dan Drake, he joined my crew, it said I had to defeat Dan Drake and get the gold. So I had to start over. This time I fought Dan Drake first. Then when I walked towards the gold, he appeared again and I had to fight him a 3rd time before it gave me completion on the quest.

Character name mis-matches:
In Tumbleweed, the weapon vendors name above his head is Tom Kirby. When you approach him, the interaction window at the bottom of the screen says his name is Isaiah Doolin. Slightly different.

Those are just the ones I found today, in about a 2 hour stretch of playing. I like to push KI quality, but this is discouraging.