a few bugs to report

Jan 22, 2013
1 friend or player portrait circle picture is out of line going to the right
2 flag symbol sometimes shows three times going up and down
3 power bar sorts of floats and its not where it should be
4 in battle a large portion of the screen is shaded
5 the loading screen is sort of moved, in other words its a bit pushed up to the top right corner and a decent sized portion of where the pirate is standing shows
6 sometimes after hatching it loads for awhile and I end up in a black room were I cant do anything
7 in the phule mini dungeon after I kill an armada (usually with two or more people) another one that wasn't there pops up and has about the same amount of health it did before the attack. for example I did reckless frenzy in a circle of about four armada and I kept on attacking after they were all dead because more popped up and even if they did die they still attacked
8 every time I want to do a ki trivia to earn free crowns I have to delete all my browsing history and I have to keep searching up my sites to get them ready for when I use them
that's all .... for now
-jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

id be happy to send you screen shots if you can tell me how to send them to you