A Few Bugs I've Found...

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2014
Ahoy, everyone! When I'm in the Spiral, I tend to find a few things out of place. And a few of these listed here are quite ridiculous...

  • Stop and Render Aid! is a side quest in Marleybone, but when I went into the Brawlin' Hall to do the side quest for Ranked PvP, if I were to press X in front of the entrance, I could infinitely pick up the ammunition crates as much as I liked. Please, do fix this, as it might become exploited.
  • When you talk to Buffalo Bill and defeat Tyson, you have a high chance of not getting the next quest until you talk to him again, and it confused me the first time it happened, and I thought I was done with the game, which I wasn't, I was in fact far from it. It may confuse players so much to actually leave the "side quest" alone, and forget about it later.
  • For some reason, ALL quests that have to do with Achaea say it's in Ithaca Skyway, which confused me and I ended up going back to Ithaca, and never finding my targeted area.
  • Rain of Mortal Shells, and other cannonball related moves, are WAY too loud! It hurt my ears, alright, it really did hurt them a lot. Another loud thing is the Scarakeet screeching noise, which again, hurts my ears whenever I hit them. And I even fled just to be rid of the terrible noise.
The ones regarding loudness, I'm not entirely sure if they're bugs, but if they are, please do fix them. My ears may be partially broken from the Scarakeets, but my headphones will break as well if I have to fight another gosh darned Scarakeet.